For sale is a large lot of 152 Liberty "V" Nickels. The Liberty "V" Nickel ran from 1883 - 1912 before being replaced by the Buffalo Nickel. This lot consists of a huge range of dates from 1883 to 1912, and some very nice key dates are here including the very rare and valuable 1883 "WITH CENTS" variety, the 1889, 1894, and a few others. There are a good range of grades as well in this lot from ...
Best offer
Best offer
For sale is a pair of very nice 1864 & 1874 Indian Head Cents. The rarest of all Indian Head Cents are the coins from the 1870's--and the 1874 here is no exception, even in the lower grades. The 1874 is a key dates because of its very low mintage. And those low mintages is what really boosts the value of the coins! The 1864 is a unique coin in its own rite because in 1864 they minted two types-...
For sale is a beautiful Eisenhower Silver Dollar graded and certified by PCGS as PR-69 DCAM, which stands for "Deep Cameo." It cannot be understated how rare the grade of this coin is. Because Ike dollars were not known for being great strikes at the mint you rarely see proof Ike Dollars certified much higher than PR-64 or 65 at the most. But this coin is PR-69--and even though it one grade low...
13-Aug-2018Lombard, IL +4 milesFor Sale
Probably 1 1/2 ft long. Thanks for visiting, see my other offers.
13-Aug-2018Orland Park, IL +24 milesFor Sale
1995-1996 Best Record-Chicago Bulls Proof Set. One of five hundred made. Set includes one Pure Silver Coin, one Pure Silver Coin with 24K Gold overlay and one Bronze. Pick up in Orland Park
For sale is an awesome 1923-S Buffalo Nickel. The 1923-S Buffalo is a very interesting date because it is pretty averagely valued UNTIL the grade hits upper F grades or higher--the value of it increases by almost 400% when it goes from F to VF!! That is because NGC certified that only 216 have been certified to this grade--and only 916 coins total achieved a higher grade. That is next to nothin...
For sale is a very rare 1934-D Peace Silver Dollar. Two things make this coin stand out. First, the 1934 is one of the most rare and most valuable Peace Dollar because only 1.5 million were ever minted! Second, the coin is a high grade, which is hard to find these key date coins in. These two things make this a very rare coin! And like all Peace Dollars, it is 90% silver. As you can see from th...
For sale is an amazing set of 6 different uncirculated Roosevelt Silver Dimes still sealed in their original cells from the U.S. Mint. Roosevelt Dimes have been minted from 1948 all the way to today without a design change. But they have only been 90% silver up until 1964 -- and all 5 of these coins are 1964 or earlier so they are 90% silver. The dates in this set are 1961, 1961-D, 1963, 1963-D...
6-Aug-2018Oak Lawn, IL +25 milesFor Sale
Has scratches/Marks. Still beautiful and hard To Find!!! Authentic. Don t question authenticity. I have perfect reviews and have provided date code. Don t have receipt. If u have doubts...move on.
For sale is a great pair of 1916-D "Obverse Mint Mark" & 1917-D "Reverse Mint Mark" Walking Liberty Silver Half Dollars. The Walking Liberty Half Dollar was minted between 1916 and 1947 and is one of the most gorgeous US coin designs ever minted. The obverse was so popular, in fact, that the Mint decided to use it as the obverse design for the very popular Silver Eagle coin. 1916 was the only y...
4-Aug-2018Aurora, IL +20 milesFor Sale
2 for $5
Wheat Cent was minted from 1909 - 1958 before it was replaced by the Lincoln Memorial Cent in 1959. Wheat Cents are one of the most collected coins in the world. A full pound of Wheat Cents comes to 145 coins. In this lot you will mostly get coins from the 40's and 50's, but I will also guarantee that you will get at least 10 coins from the 30's, 7 from the 20's, and 5 from the teens. You will ...
For sale is a pair of 1867 & 1874 Shield Nickels. Considering there are only 17 different coins in the entire run of Shield Nickels having a pair of different dates is a nice start to getting them all. Because Shield Nickels weren't minted long and in limited quantities they are very valuable coins, even in low grades like these. With the 1867 they minted two varieties that year--the "With Rays...
Indian Head Cents. The rarest of all Indian Head Cents are the coins from the 1870's--and these two are no exception, even in the lower grades. Both coins are key dates because they have two of the lowest mintages of all the Indian Head dates. And those low mintages is what really boosts the value of the coins! As you can see from the pics the coins are in circulated, but still good shape. The ...
For Sale is a perfect 1997-S U.S. Silver Proof Set in the original government packaging. The Silver Proof sets were released from the mint 1992 - til today specifically for collectors of high quality silver proof coins. They only minted just over 605,000 of them. There are 5 total coins in the set. The Nickel and Cent are regular issue proof coins, but the Half Dollar, Quarter, and Dime are all...
For sale is an incredibly rare 1914-D Buffalo Nickel. The 1914-D is a key date and one of the most rarest of all Buffalos--for one because they only minted 3.9 million of them. But also because all the early Denver minted coins were very valuable. And what makes this coin even more rare is it is very hard to find them in this higher grade. The Red Book values this coin at $ 90.00 at the lowest ...
24-Jul-2018Plainfield, IL +21 milesFor Sale
Never been used cute coin/ money holder
For sale is a 1979 US Mint Set along with 6 Proof Lincoln Cents. That totals 18 Mint-quality coins! The 1979 is a full complete set in the original government packaging. It has the one of each of the Denver minted and Philadelphia minted Lincoln Cent, Jefferson Nickel, Roosevelt Dime, Washington Quarter, and the very first Susan B. Anthony Dollar! This set alone gives you 12 different Mint-seal...
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